Heihachi Is Most Likely Namco's Favorite Tekken Boss

As a fan of the Tekken franchise, I've noticed that somehow Heihachi seems to get more or less the same degree of favoritism that Shao Kahn gets from Ed Boon. In what way? Heihachi has been the recurring villain of the Tekken franchise. I've even heard Katsuhiro Harada has him as a favorite character to play as. Not to mention, in Namco x Capcom, he's portrayed as a hero instead of a villain. But still, I preferred him more as a Lex Luthor type of villain. He seems to be a nice man in public but behind closed doors, he's always up to something no good.

Heihachi may not always be the final boss in every Tekken game but he plays a huge role as a villain. Before the first Tekken game, he was the very person responsible to why most of the events happened like he's created the monstrous behavior in his son Kazuya, he locked Jinpachi away in the Honmaru creating the vengeful ghost that'll come back years later to haunt him, he's also called for the third Tekken tournament, he was the main antagonist for Tekken 4, he's still out there causing trouble time and again. All that makes me think he's Namco's favorite Tekken villain because no matter what game he's in, he's always getting a huge piece of the pie.

Sure we've had more threatening and more dangerous bosses out there like Ogre in Tekken 3, Jinpachi's a vengeful ghost in Tekken 5 and Azazel is an ancient evil that can only be awakened by the two evil stars' conflict. In spite of those more threatening bosses, he's become that iconic Tekken villain that's beloved by Tekken fans. He's always had that charisma as a boss, he's always shown he's not somebody you can mess with, he's a more wily (and stronger) version of Dr. Wily from Megaman and he's got all that charm that makes him a beloved villain for the Tekken franchise.


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