Remembering The Final Words In Winspector!

The ending of Winspector was sort of everybody's graduation as they move to Paris. In the end, they battled the very first villain they encountered and saved everyone. In the end, Captain Shunsuke Masaki though he doesn't coddle crime, he started to think that some criminals may still be redeemable and not delete approved.

So in a matter of two years (script-wise), Solbrain is established as a new organization. Newer, bigger and better equipment. Solbrain tries to help some people out of their wrong choices since some of the criminals they have dealt with are petty criminals. The new organization was created to replace the Winspector organization. The name is definitely all about saving the soul and the brain of people and not just the life.

How will Solbrain be for me? I can't tell yet. I admit that I really find Winspector to be a fun show. It's too early for me to critique Solbrain based on two episodes. Will I end up saying that Solbrain is better than Winspector? I can't tell as of right now. Solbrain does have better equipment than what Captain Masaki had the last time like now there's two suit operators instead of one, there's more people to help out as crimes are getting more and more complicated. Then again, better equipment has never been what makes a show enjoyable but it's more on the writing though bad equipment can still ruin a show.


  1. Solbrain lasted longer then Winspector and Exceedraft but it ain't the best as Winspector is still a big favorite. Though the design is still too close to Jiban their suit(Winspector) is the most popular one.
    One episode I am still looking for us guest star Junichi Hurata as a unstable former Rescue Police candidate that steals the prototype Solbraver suit and wrecks havock in the city.


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