Another Sucky Retcon: Decades Of Magneto's Paternity THROWN OUT?!

I don't really want to know what in the world is Marvel (under Disney) thinking when they decided to retcon the whole truth that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are Magneto's children to... not being his children?! Okay, resemblance doesn't always mean relation like Suzy Bae is most likely not related to Maaya Uchida. But here's what... I'm getting tired of almost everything Marvel has been doing with its unnecessary changes. From killing Jean Grey to pairing Cyclops with Emma Frost, I recently learned that last year... Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are by the power of the pen... no longer the twin children of Magneto and Magda leaving Polaris as the only daughter he has. 

Okay, here's what. I kinda like the whole Magneto is actually Polaris' father. While earlier on, Iceman somewhat found "evidence" that Polaris wasn't really the daughter of Magneto until a retcon but Mesmero and Magneto may have known the truth. It was revealed Magneto had an affair with a married woman resulting to Polaris' birth. Also, there were a few hints that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were his children. So why in the world is that being dropped out?

As said, ever since Marvel made a turn for the worse, I really feel that it's really getting worse. As said, when a company's old school products turn out better than its new school offerings then the company is suffering from serious decline. Ugh Marvel... you really need a complete total reboot!


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