I'm Now Watching Kamen Rider Super-1!

I didn't think I would touch another old school Kamen Rider again. I didn't enjoy much of Kamen Rider Amazon apart from the choreography and Kamen Rider Stronger's kinda "too old" for me. But Kamen Rider Super-1? Well Super-1 enters the 80s era of Tokusatsu where things got better for the old school era when writing and production started to get better. But again, it took six years before Kamen Rider Black succeeded this show. The Showa Rider era must have been not that good.

What's my thoughts? Kazuya Oki's character of being an astronaut turned cyborg was a cool idea except that there was no space theme done. Instead, our hero fights against the Dogma Kingdom which seeks to create a Darwinian utopia on Earth. I thought that the action scenes were nice though the five gloves gimmick could have used a little bit more of "introduce it slowly". Fortunately, Toei managed to innovate around that concept in the Heisei era like how they dealt with Kamen Rider Fourze's gadgets by introducing them at a nice steady pace. Hmmm... I feel like I'll still enjoy the wacky world of Fourze over this series in the long run.

So far, I'm enjoying it. Considering that I've seen all Heisei Riders from Kuuga up to last year's Ghost, I think I might take the painful challenge of watching more Showa Riders. I guess I've spent too much time watching Heisei era that watching the Showa era's a task for me. Most of them took place in the 70s and there's that generation gap. But I'll try to see how I'll end up accepting Kamen Rider Super-1.


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