Cyclops Gives Me A Good Reason To Hate New School Marvel's Bad Direction!

Considering that Cyclops has been one of my favorite Marvel characters then I really wish I could blast Marvel out of existence thanks to what they did to him. There was already bad writing with how his marriage with Madelyne Pryor got handled or why Cable's made his son old enough to be his father, I think later plots got even worse.

One of the worst things I thought Marvel did was to write off Jean Grey in favor of Emma Frost. I don't mind if they want to redeem Emma Frost but to write off Jean, have Cyclops commit adultery with Emma and make them a couple is just dead wrong. Worse, the writers decided to let him start a relationship with Emma so shortly after Jean's death. This was a result of the merger and I'm afraid that they decided to let a beloved character go from bad to worse. Trying to make him another Magneto is just so stupid.

Why all the tarnish over a beloved character as him? Are they just trying to do some "shock value" for the sake of selling more comics? He's not the only victim. I hate how they've also treated Wolverine, Jean Grey, Magneto, Apocalypse or just every beloved hero or villain. Turning Apocalypse into a child is just insulting... I'd rather keep him dead than subject him to further decay. Just imagine if Dragon Ball Z turned Frieza into a child just for the sake of new twists.

I guess times like this I can say that as much as I don't like Power Rangers but Saban Entertainment or the real life Kougami Foundation has had more respect for Marvel than Disney. How Disney made its Marvel-based cartoons is just horrendous. I'd go back to watching Cake Boss' version of the Marvel Universe than to sit through the garbage that new school Marvel Comics has to offer. It's not because I'm a caveman but because if something new sucks then it still sucks as something old that sucks. Period.


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