Remembering Trini Kwan

So far, for me the most memorable and most likable character in MMPR will always be Trini Kwan. Why? Aside from being an Asian yellow ranger, she was presented to be the toughest, most kick-ass character with a tough personality. She's really that skilled that even Jason gets amazed by her knowledge in martial arts. She was also the first yellow ranger in Power Rangers.

She reminded me of Mika Koizumi in Bioman who was also the first female yellow ranger in Super Sentai and the first yellow ranger in Bioman. Her character died in episode 10 when Mason used the Bio Killer Gun, she saved the others at the cost of her life. Both characters were kick-ass female. Eventually like the actress Yuki Yajima (who only stayed in Bioman for nine episodes), soon enough Thuy Trang (who stayed for less than a half of the second season) had payroll issues, had enough of Saban and quit.

Eventually on that fateful day of September 3, 2001 an accident claimed her life. She like Mika Koizumi met her demise. Fortunately, she didn't die the way Mika died, it was already tragic enough, never mind hers.


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