What Made Poison Ivy Really Unique?

If there's one Batman villain I would like to talk about, it's of Poison Ivy. What makes her unique? Unlike most criminals that are just after for the money, she was more of the noble villain with intentions to fight pollution but she's an extreme vigilante who uses unorthodox methods in contrast to the Batman. She sought to see evildoers punished and at some point, she is viewed to be a nuisance to most of the Batman criminals.

As said, she is pretty as a rose and deadly as her name. Unlike most villains that don't appear to be harmless, she does. She has her really pretty face, sexy body and that it's an edge to her being lethal. Even without her powers, Poison Ivy can drive a man wild. But it seems she reserves her sexiest schemes for Batman though.

What I liked about existence is her love/hate relationship to Batman. How? She has feelings for him yet at at times, she wants to get rid of him. However when she gets the chance, she doesn't. And times come when she and Batman do share a kiss or that in another comic book issue known as Cast Shadows, Batman actually brought her flowers in Arkham Asylum, suggesting they have a courtship. However she has never figured out his secret identity at all. Many comics still show she had feelings for him, and him for her.


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