The Cheesy Secret Attacks of the Megaman X Franchise

During the first three games of Megaman X series, one can see there were cheesy secret weapons which can be categorized as:

Megaman X1- The Hadoken.  After you've collected EVERY last item needed, you could get this cool item which though it can only be executed on a full meter, it could kill any boss in one hit (if successful) which could destroy Velgauder and Sigma in a hit.  Challenge broken down really.

Megaman X2- Shoryuken- It was really kind of hard to find and it was a vertical attack, again can only be executed with a full meter.  The damage was really heavy or even kills at one hit.

Megaman X3- Zero's beam saber- This is kind of hard to get if you ask me.  Well, here's what- it can cut damage in half and it's way cheesier than the Ultimate Armor in X4, X5 and X6.  The ultimate armor was cheap but not that cheap!

Megaman X4- The Ultimate Armor.  Well it was cheesy in the sense that the Nova Strike could be done infinitely but other than that, it was no instant kill.


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