Similarities Between Anakin Skywalker and Claude Frollo

Actually I'd like to do a comparison of Anakin Skywalker and obviously the novel version of Claude Frollo.  So where do I start?  Here they are:

Both are vowed to celibate positions.  Anakin Skywalker is a Jedi and Claude Frollo is an Archdeacon.  Both of them despite their vows to celibacy yet they have fallen for a certain woman.  In Anakin Skywalker's case, it was really love with Padme Amidala (who his five years his senior) and he did care about her.  Claude Frollo was slowly lusting after Esmeralda (who is probably 25 years or younger his junior) which is different from Anakin Skywalker's.  

Both had noble intentions that ended in tragedy.  Both of them saw each other as righteous, nothing wrong with them and they are better than everyone else yet both took wrong directions.  Anakin Skywalker ended up going to the dark side and Claude Frollo did plenty of things in the novel that even the more sinister version of Claude Frollo (only because his good traits were removed and the Archdeacon was separated from him) in the Disney adaptation could not do.  And in a way, they knew that they were under celibacy yet they still pursued their forbidden desires.  In the case of Anakin Skywalker, his relationship to Padme drove him further to the dark side with Palpatine acting as the Devil tempting him to the dark side.  Frollo's unrequited lust was the drive to him becoming from anti-villain to complete monster as the book progressed.


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