Trini's Pilot vs. Actual Trini

I never realized there was a pilot Trini which was acted by Audri Dubois before Thuy Trang finally landed on the spot as Trini Kwan.

Pilot Trini was a short-haired radical fighter girl a little bit like Maskman's Haruka, both were more eager to do more battle.  It was meant to balance Kimberly's girly girl.  However she wasn't pushed through for some reason and Thuy Trang was chosen.

It seems the writer Doug Sloan grew more attached to the concept of Mika Koizumi used her as the template of Trini instead but in part anyway.  Okay Trini didn't try to run away from her destiny but was hesitant to fight but she was pretty unsure of her destiny like Mika was and she was more submissive.  Jason actually convinced her if she doesn't fight, all the nature she loves will be destroyed like Shiro did to Mika but not that she tried to run away.  Like Mika Koizumi, she is a person who is hesitant to fight offensively, quite independent minded compared to the rest, artsy, and a nature lover but is nonetheless a skilled martial artist.  I guess the parallelism will always be there especially how Mika Koizumi's death seemed to have predicted Thuy Trang's in 2001. :(


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