The Mets in Megaman

There was this mysterious enemy called the Mets in Megaman.  They had been there since the first Megaman game and there are different versions which I can recall fighting against such as:

In Megaman 1, the Mets were merely hiding on the ground and can't walk.  Apparently the designers didn't know yet what to do with them until...

Various Mets in Megaman were created.  They were now walking heads that hid under their hats.  So far, one of the biggest glitches before was that, you can't really destroy them no matter how hard you shoot if they are under their hats which may have created the joke that only if Dr. Wily made his robots' armor that strong, he would have won.  Here were other Mettaurs I found interesting:  Some of them even had propellers in Megaman 3.  In Megaman 4 there were underwater Mets and Dancing Mets, in Megaman 5 some Mets were even sent in space or...  the flying Mettaurs were later found in Megaman X in Storm Eagle's stage.  Slighter variations appeared in the Megaman X series.  Why this technology was pursued remains a mystery or why Sigma cares about them.

Met MommyMm5 metallk1000Mm5 metallcannon
There was the Mettaur Mom, the Mettaur 1000 and the Mettaur Cannon.  Apparently Wily knew how to deploy them.

Mm3 giantmetall
The Giant Metalls were sub-bosses in the Megaman 3 Doc Robot stage (in Needleman's stage) to where you can only hit the + sign.  It's definitely one big foe.

The Megaman X series took them into more different variations than just the standard Mets.  In Megaman X Command Mission, they can be very irritating opponents due to turn-based gameplay and if with lower weapons, avoid them as much as possible by retreating.

Overall, they became a pretty staple foe except in Megaman Legends series which sadly may have been abandoned by Capcom.


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