Some Complaints I Have on Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition

Okay this is a great game but I thought here are my following complaints:

1.) Why do I have to pay for the pass to play online?! Other than that, I am pretty fine playing offline.

2.) Here's what I thought about the Fatalities:
  • I wanted to have Kano's skeleton pull returned in full 3D.
  • I wanted to have Sonya Blade do a really bloodier version of a kiss fatality.
  • I wanted to have Kabal's head inflate fatality.
  • Heck why remove the head first then mutilate the body? I find that part crazy. I sort of wanted fataliteis that prolonged the agony of the victims.
  • I wanted to have Shang Tsung's fatality to steal souls!!!

3.) Gameplay

Gameplay is fine but I do want to complain about the following:
  • Goro, Kintaro and Shao Kahn aren't playable outside hack. I would have been happy if they were then tone them down like they were in Armageddon in terms of damage rating.
  • Shang Tsung in the Ladder can morph- it gets MIGHTY annoying to fight him with his morphing plus I wish I could have fought him at "The Pit" (Night) so I can do the MK movie fatality at him.
  • I wanted Friendships instead of Babalities.
  • For the stages I wanted to have the Bell Tower (with the fatality), Pit II, Pit III, Kombat Tomb, the Portal and other classic stages missing. Also, I thought I wanted an Armory stage fatality.
  • I wish the Living Forest used the scarier MKII tree design.

Then again, there's no perfect game. =P


  1. i have purchased this game in rs700 but i am not able to install it on my laptop .it is asking to download 9gb game data.. then what is the need of buying this game...waste of money..fully waste...

    1. In my case, I prefer to use console instead of PC.


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