That Skull To Kimberly Attraction

In Power Rangers, this was one issue that went from funny to plain disgusting that was namely Skull's attraction to Kimberly.  It was funny but it turned sour or senseless though I'll have to admit this became the inspiration of my Spike and Rin Takanashi jokes.  I thought that this gag ran for quite some time until Amy Jo Johnson leftt he show for personal reasons.  So what did I think about it?  It was really annoying, Bulk and Skull have ZERO contribution to plot except if they are captured and it was plain annoying.  I was a Tommy/Kimberly fan which made me dislike this idea in the first place.  I thought that the attraction was freaky to gross.  In fact, I even didn't like the episode where Kimberly got drugged and fell in love with Skull while under a trance- that was just plain yucky for me.  But at the same time, it had its funny moments as well.

This idea was later carried over in Power Rangers Samurai with Spike himself.  Spike was however in love with the Pink Samurai Ranger IN SUIT and not out of suit.  Though take him to Japan and he'll stalk Mako from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger like crazy!  Hmmm I doubt it he'll ever enter Amanogawa High School either.

In the end of Power Rangers Samurai, we are revealed of Skull's return yet no mention of who his mother is so probably Kimberly isn't his mother.  I mean Skull later met other girls and Spike was probably born during the events of Power Rangers Turbo as a result of teen pregnancy with some girl.  Also, with Bulk as his uncle (saying my favorite nephew), it's possible Bulk's sister is his mother too.

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