Gaston's Role in Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Gaston is another character I thought is pretty much complex.  At the film, he appears to display several personalities from being a boorish chauvinist to being a cunning person (considering he is a hunter) to his deadly lust for Belle.  As far as concerned, there hasn't been any mention of how old he is or Belle.  Then again, I am considering the fact Gaston could either be in late 20s or early 30s but that was never specified in film.  Considering he runs a tavern despite his low brain status, it can be assumed he's probably in his late 20s.

So okay Belle is 17 years old in the fic, four years younger than Beast who was 21 which might make Gaston a pedophile then again marriages in the past happen that young and well, Gaston is possibly in his mid-20s so making him even older than Beast.  What I would like to bring up is Gaston's unhealthy lust for Belle even if they are very incompatible to start with.  First, Belle might be smoking hot but she's a conservative stuck-up, my kind of girl to date when it comes to personality.  Gaston, well he hates academics, he's very boorish and well he's everything Belle hates.  But that's not really a concern for them villains, they want to marry the hottest chick that hates them the most in the Universe!  I can't imagine a single day of Belle being married to this creep, she'd soon be dead if that ever happened.  His pride was greatly hurt after Belle rejected him in public when he attempted to marry her.  So what does he do?  In all that boorishness, he has the cunning of a hunter that he will lock up Belle's father Maurice unless she agrees to marry him.

His lust for Belle and combined with his vanity leads to his downfall.  After realizing Belle is in love with a "monster" (though Beast is still human genetically speaking), he decides to kill her because it was coming in between.  After trying to kill Beast, he was soon grabbed by the neck and Beast could have killed him but he was spared.  Angered, he decided to kill Beast with his knife and in that insanity, he fell down the castle and into his death the traditional Disney way (death by falling).  In all that, Gaston was a legacy of foolishness, pride and lust that brought him to his untimely death.

Strangely enough, Gaston's had his own tributes in Golden Film's Hunchback of Notre Dame as Baron Jean Claude and in Secret of the Hunchback as Jehan Frollo (above who also almost looks like Jafar as well), Claude's wayward younger brother who is the high sheriff of Paris.


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