What if MMPR Ended at 40 Episodes as Planned?

Here's my hypothetical view of what Power Rangers could have been if Toei didn't allow Saban to extend further and made him follow Sentai standards.  Now it's time to present my hypothesis on what would have happened.  So what if Toei didn't make Zyu2 as requested and Saban ended up having some other money making plan with Toei.  So what would have happened?  First I assume the cast will just immediately disperse and two, seek their own careers.  Maybe Thuy Trang may find a much better paying career but sadly her life came to a sudden end at the young age of 27.

I don't even think Lord Zedd would exist and if he did, he would have been ported straight into a Dairanger adaptation without being linked to Rita or two, if it were a Zordon arc, Zordon would start choosing new rangers per season.  Saban would also start recruiting new scouts for the Dairanger adaptation and it would have never suffered that plot erosion.  I had my thoughts that while Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa are great as a couple but most of the time, the whole season just went overly comical.  Then that would mean Saban would be able to adapt Kakuranger, Ohranger, Carranger and Megaranger with the tradition of Sentai cast change.


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