Power Rangers Samurai and Its Attempt to Recapture the MMPR Glory Days

I would say these guys could have been done better.  So why all the ethnic misplacement?  I could care less if Jayden is white but the fact he is treated Japanese when he isn't is dumb.  And so don't tell me they're Japanese, you got to be kidding!  Besides, this was practically a season that was not only plagued by inadequate acting but the worst part has to be the execution but then again, I'd probably watch this show over Kamen Rider Faiz any day but Spongebob is always more welcome than this show.

The cast.  Okay I can't really comment on them and at least nobody is a bad remake of the past.  What I hate is why they just lazily edited the MMPR theme song for this show than make a new song.  I thought that Saban was getting lazy or should I say Neo-Saban, which Toei could consider should either terminate the contract or send somebody to help Saban improve the franchise.  Made me think, nobody annoys me from them but other than that, they end up becoming poor copies of the Shinkengers personality-wise.  I just say it's more of neutral or dislike than hate on them.

I would like to say that Bulk and Spike are really a poor attempt to recapture Bulk and Skull.  So Spike is introduced as Skull's son, mother still remains unknown until today but could be Bulk's sister considering Bulk calls Spike his "favorite nephew".  So yeah, I hope he doesn't return in Super Megaforce before he starts developing a crush on Gia or before writers decide to make him the son of Skull and Kimberly (UGH!).  Besides, they were useless filler characters just made for fanservice only to really annoy audiences more than they entertain.  I guess Bulk and Spike must be packing their bags to do Spike's samurai training in Japan but uh uh, he's going to meet Mako soon!

For Spike, he is reduced to completely USELESS.  Also his crush on the Pink Samurai Ranger (in suit) is one of the most stupid stuff ever.  I just had a thought about it that with the mask issue, I was freaked out to think a lot of pink ranger stuntment were male!  It's really a poor twist to Skull's crush on Kimberly.  Fortunately Spike and Mako will never meet at all.  He later meets Mia but still, it falls flat imo.  Just my thought Spike would have been better non-existent.  But this became the source of my jokes of Spike stalking the actress Rin Takanashi aside from his father's unrequited love with Kimberly.

And now for how Shinkenger ended up having MMPR nostalgia:

For Mako, it's basically take Kimberly, raise her to be a samurai and you get Mako.

The Shinkenger arc in Decade.  Okay technically it belongs to Decade but still it reminds us of "A Friend in Need".

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