Who's Become the New Kimberly for Tokusatsu?

It's no doubt that Amy Jo Johnson's character Kimberly has a very positive reception or is overrated to the point that Kat gets unfairly bashed.  I was thinking that she's really, really hot (though ironically the actress married at 38, maybe she was pretty choosy).  Now just who became the new Kimberly for Tokusatsu?  I pretty much ruled in some Super Sentai girls as well who are more or less "sharing similarities" with Kimberly.

Chisato Jougasaki- I thought she is really, really hot and I was thinking like Kimberly she's very feminine and has a very good voice.  But she's yellow ha ha!

Ashley Hammond- She was rumored to be supposedly the Pink Ranger but was changed to yellow.  Now I was thinking she is the second cheerleader after Kimberly.

Nanami Nono- If there's anything common Nanami has with Kimberly it's the "ditzy side" and the fact both are pretty, sexy and can sing.  Only thing is, Nanami's color is blue.  Her Ninja Storm counterpart is ruled out though.

Kira Ford- Well I'm not all that fond of her compared to Ranru (but I found the actress looking better in Big Time Movie) as both piloted a Pteradactyl-related mecha, both can sing and enjoy feminine activities.

Mako Shiraishi- So far, she could be the closest not only in appearance but also the fact both are feminine and can also sing.  Both of them are kindhearted individuals,they both love children (and Kimberly stated in her interview she wanted to be a teacher, Mako enters the show as a school teacher to) and are overrated by fanboys.  Just my thoughts she stands out the most here.  She's what if Kimberly was raised to be a samurai for me.  Plus the actress' average acting still has its charm.

Emma Goodall- She is an attempted remake on Kimberly with the singing and looks but yeah, I think she falls flat compared to Mako.  As for Gia, nothing in common except being hot.

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