Why I Thought MMPR Should Have Ended Sooner

Well I'm tired or sort of about telling people MMPR isn't fake and Super Sentai came first, so now let's move on to another rant which is why I think MMPR should have just ended sooner.  Yeah MMPR Season 1 was still tolerable for me but let's go on to some points done:

Overextension.  MMPR was supposed to end at 40 something episodes with the MMPR team defeating both Lokar and Cyclopsis but at last minute turn or what, they decided to actually extend it because it was a monster hit.  That was the problem with shows back then- overextension destroys its quality.  You can go ahead and think about the following- Dragon Ball later suffered because of that, One Piece is starting not to get interesting because of that, you could name a lot of them.  In the case of MMPR it overextended to the point that nothing made sense like they still kept their dinosaur suits while zords change.  And you can say the stories were getting bad, characters were getting bland and so on.  In fact, wrong focus tends to happen later as for example the whole show ended up focusing too much on Tommy and Kimberly even if they weren't the focus of the episode.

Season two tried to liven up with some Zyu2 footage where Lord Zedd gets rid of Rita Repulsa by throwing her away.  I thought Zedd was cool at first but looking at his overreliance on brute force, he was getting sucky and let's just say, even his plans are just as stupid.  It only got interesting for him when he married Rita but sigh, the writers could have still kept his scary side while he was married to Rita, making him more malevolent because he married her.  But even so, he was a scatterbrained character.  Then every villain just gets overly stupid and overextended.  Think of why Kamen Rider had to trim down stuff even get rid of the Great Leader in the Heisi era.  It's because it's overused like Plankton's overly failed plan to steal the Krabby Patty formula.  And well, plots just got worse though Zedd and Rita as a couple were pretty vicious.  Eventually no proper conclusion was made and the Zordon arc for me is really what started me to hate Powr Rangers for some time.  In fact, I'm more of a post-Zordon arc fan myself.

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