Why I'm Having Second Thoughts About Continuing Myself as a Power Rangers Fan

While I personally don't hate Power Rangers but I'm thinking that Disney's era with Bruce Kalish up to Saban's return, everything was just really bad.  So what do I think of Saban's return?  At first, I was excited for Saban to return but things got really bad.  So here's what I really think...

Saban's crew isn't trying anything new and two, Jonathan Tzachor.  Jonathan Tzachor had good ideas back then but no, not PR Samurai.  Why does he just copy/paste the Shinkenger plot into an obviously not all Japanese gang?  I mean, the show is too much a bland version of Shinkenger with minor differences that all I say is it's no better than most of Kalish's seasons.  Times like these, Spongebob's post-movie seasons are more welcome than this unfortunate garbage.  In other words, too much throwback to MMPR.

Nickelodeon just sucks when it comes to Power Rangers.  In fact, I don't think I even want Nickelodeon Japan to start doing a Sentai marathon or showing Shinkenger if they will keep splitting schedules.  I still like Nickelodeon shows but face it, like Disney it's just not cut for Power Rangers.

While I don't hate Power Rangers but I hope this problem is fixed real soon.  I hope Toei and Saban will try to fix these problems for the sake of feasibility before Power Rangers dies disgracefully.

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