Why the Megaman X Series is My Favorite Megaman Game Series

There's no doubt I started playing Megaman on the NES and then later, I only played Megaman 7 on the Anniversary Collection on the PS2.  However here's what- Megaman X is my favorite series and my first X game was actually X3 for the PS1.  So why is it my favorite?  I just thought that everything about the game is really great like the following:

It's all about the challenge.  Megaman X unlike the original Megaman has more challenges.  Megaman X must find the armor parts, heart tanks and everything to beat a game for a beginner level and only an expert could beat the game without finding the necessary items.

Zero is what I would say he is definitely one cool sword wielding hero.  It was fun to make him finally playable in X4 and onward, he even got his own spin-off series where he became the main character.  For Zero.  I thought his plot in Megaman X was slowly unraveled from X2 to X3.  In X4, we finally know his past that he was Dr. Wily's successor but after he was purged of the Evil Energy in him, he became good and carried on the opposite direction that his creator Dr. Wily created him to be.

Darker and edgier plots.  Well Megaman did take a more serious direction eventually in the late series like when Dr. Wily started to actually enhance his robots while kidnapping Dr. Cossack's daughter Calinca to get the job done, or in Megaman 8 it was a more serious chapter of the series.  However Sigma instead of being comical and begging for mercy, this guy always swears to return after he accepts his defeat.  Also, Sigma really knows how to cause havoc and give Megaman X and Zero a hard time.  He was in fact responsible behind manipulating everyone until his own partner Lumine secretly manipulated him without his full knowledge.

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