Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Ah Belle, I could still remember her in my fantasies and her impression as a character.  Unlike the novel where Gaston was absent, that of course was really her name.  Belle is Beauty in French.  Now for what she was... I thought she is my ideal girl inside out.  She's pretty, sexy, smart and kind which makes her a hard catch but at the same time is she just a fantasy?  So for me, she is Disney's most gorgeous drawn fictional woman to which she is easily attention catching.

What makes her stand out is that as a heroine, she's no damsel in distress and she's pretty witty especially in dealing with her really bad suitor Gaston who lusts after her beauty.  Instead of being portrayed as a defenseless woman, she can stand out to Gaston with her wits.  For Gaston, she is nothing more than a lust object and to be the mother of his sons, which is going to result to an abusive marriage.  So far, she really knows how to outsmart an otherwise not-so-smart but still cunning suitor.

One has to notice her charm that changed Beast's personality from a monster to a man.  I was thinking I guess she knows he's under a curse or guessed it.  For one, she can even stand a chance to Beast who may have had earlier wanted her for her good looks.  But she managed to change him anyway without knowing it resulting to her breaking the curse.  This also has resulted to my fantasy of findign a girl like her and imagining I was Beast.  But of course, this was a pretty humiliating experience as well when I thought some girl back then was the girl to "break the spell" when she wasn't.  But I hope the Pamela Anderson lookalike I met would be her.


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