Any Unfair Bias on Power Rangers Girls by Super Sentai Fantards?

I was reading some unfair posts and biases on Power Rangers girls.  Sure I will admit that Super Sentai has hotter girls most of the time but one might consider the unfair bias.  Unfair bias is when they immediately label them all as bad without proper analysis.

I read some IMDB reviews that say Mei is prettier than Kim, I can respect that but to bash Kimberly as a useless whatever, is uncalled for.  As I said, I have my choice (Kimberly) and they have theirs (Mei) so why fight over it?  It's not a matter of morals here.

One might consider most Super Sentai girls are usually hotter and sexier but there are a few who are not as pretty as their Sentai counterparts for me.  For example I find Kira hotter than Ranru or I find Gia hotter than Moune and Luka but still, it's no reason to bash Power Rangers girls.

I respect people if they like Mihiko Niwa better than Ciara Hanna and I'm the other way around.  However to bash Power Rangers is causing division to Toei's family.


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