Why Belle is My Favorite Disney Princess?

Belle, there's no doubt for me she's Disney's finest but... one can consider beyond her outward appearance.  In fact, what makes her unique is that she doesn't even flaunt over her appearance at all unlike Gaston.  Now for my reasons why I love her as a character:

Belle is more than just a beauty, she is a brain.  Well I'd settle for a plain looking girl with her personality though.  But the fact she reads a lot of stuff, makes her better than most of the villagers or those who want her for her looks.  For one, her personality shines greater than her appearance.

She cares about her father and still believes in being submissive without tolerating bullies.  She gave herself up for her father's freedom and she ended up changing the castle.

Gaston is basically a male chauvinistic pig and nobody should tolerate any form of chauvinism.  While she is definitely not physically stronger but she has the brains to make up for it.  She stands up against Gaston's lustful advances towards her which may soon land her in a bad marriage that will end her being dumped when she's past her prime. We do know Gaston has a low outlook on women as trophies and not as humans.

I could consider the fact she didn't care about appearances at all.  She may have actually told Beast that when she tended his wounds.  She has courage and tenacity but she has gentleness at the same time.  Well she did stand up to his bad temper without being a bitch.  And you might want to consider she fell for Beast and vice-versa because of her kindness.  But of course, nobody should be rough on anybody.  But Beast can be more symbolic these days.  She's submissive but in the right sense, that is nobody should be submissive towards bullies and should fight back when need be.


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