Killer Instinct on the XBox One

Killer Instinct was a pretty popular game back then, which had two major games namely Killer Instinct I and II.  KI 2 was released as Killer Instinct Gold for the Nintendo 64 and that time, Rare was having a deal with Microsoft.  A third game soon got into developmental hell or oblivion, because of Rare.  So what I was thinking was that Killer Instinct may have become a game so left behind and so a third game, came out but here's the reality that I was thinking.  So okay I don't buy more than one video game system to avoid having too much to choose from, I do have my PS3 and won't buy a PS4 all so soon, this is for XBox One.  During the release the new Mortal Kombat reboot game which is infamous for its brutality and famous for its really new fresh system, I was hoping that Killer Instinct will become a property of Netherrealm Studios, instead it fell under Microsoft.  Microsoft may be good with its office software and the like but I really am no patron of its video game systems.

So here the game freaking lacks content!  The first two game only has ten characters each?  WTF!  Well it might be fun using combos and whatever but I do agree, it does lack content!  Sometimes you need some more quantity to get quality.  For my qualms about the game, it might be great to have Thunder and Cinder back into the game but can't they add more characters?  I was also thinking it could have been cool of Tusk, Maya and Kim Wu all entered into the present (for now) and Gargos and Eyedol finally return.  So for me, really the game may look flashy but it's pretty much needing to also bring back the NO MERCY moves which Killer Instinct was once known for.

To be honest, only if Netherrealm Studios acquired the rights to the franchise, I guess we might see a bigger roster of Killer Instinct characters.  Great gameplay but so bare with content!


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