Poison Ivy's in Batman: The Animated Series

While most incarnations of Poison Ivy are basically disappointing, even later ones just make her more ugly than gorgeous, season one of BTAS.  Just what you needed a really hot redhead that makes you really see a seductively dangerous villain.  I'll just be honest I'm pretty much a Batman/Poison Ivy fan shipper or should I call it crack pairing because a relationship can never work between them.

So her premiere was in "Pretty Poison" where she seduced Harvey Dent and had the intention to murder him, which later developed an enmity with Two Face who used to be Harvey Dent.  I just thought her relationship to Batman there was something when she flirted with him.  I guess she really had a crush on him but too bad it wasn't explored quite well.  I thought she was really attractive but deadly.

In "Eternal Youth" I thought it was another of her schemes that was pretty much having noble intentions but done in an extreme way.  The episode presented her more as a noble villain.  In "House and Garden" it was an effective facade which managed to really fool everyone, except Batman who figured it out.  I just thought though it coud have bee something if she married Bruce Wayne instead.  Ont he other hand, Poison Ivy is allegedly unable to have children which is left to be seen.

In "Harley and Ivy" and "Trial" I thought it had character development.  For "Harley and Ivy" her character was pretty much emphasized to where she can actually care for Harley, though I wanted her to be more flirty with Batman.

However the second season pretty much made her REALLY ugly which really was a huge disappointment I don't wanna talk about it!


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