Game Review: Megaman 7

So I never had a Super Nintendo and I only rented the Super Mario World game.  So later when I had my PS2 I was able to backtrack play with Megaman 7.  Shame the game never went into the PS1 but I would say the game itself rocked.  Nice graphics, really challenging gameplay and I'd say for the classic series I love the graphics here better than Megaman 8.  This game introduced the anti-hero Bass who in here was introduced as a villain (at first).  So what did I think?

Megaman 6 was supposedly the end of Megaman.  Dr. Wily was caught in jail but this mad scientist always had some ace of sorts. So maybe he cybernized himself in secret, in six months his new robot masters and his new creation Bass was awakened.  They were assigned to help him escape, Bass was assigned to mislead Megaman.  Bass seemed like a good guy at first until you beat all eight robot masters, which reveals that Dr. Wily created Bass as his very first fully his own version of an anti-Megaman, and perhaps his supposed successor before Zero became the last robot Dr. Wily created.

Megaman 7 had a fun load of secrets per stage.  Using the Super Megaman mode was fun merge of the Jet Megaman and Power Megaman all the way from Megaman 6.  Megaman 6 was a fun game, this was more fun if you are playing it at the PS2.  So yeah, I do hope that PS2 backward compatibility will be done for PS3-4 soon.  Finding all the cool secrets here is better than 8's rather "too easy gameplay".  And of course, Bass was a fun bad guy in here, which we are introduced to Bass' origin.

Also I felt like Bass had a legacy to leave behind after 7.  Why is that?  In Megaman X7 we are introduced to the Bass-like character, Axl who is at first introduced as a playable villain (he was a member of the Red Alert group) who has a difficult alliance with Zero.  So I was thinking playing Megaman 7 and then the X series, did Bass return as Axl?  Probably thinking that Axl has some rivalry with Zero as if they were both made by Dr. Wily and some dislike for X during X7.

Overall, I thought this was a fun retro-game.  Play it if you haven't.  Don't try to get rare SNES cartridges or get a rare SNES, just get the Megaman Anniversary Collection and play it there!  My verdict?  8/10.


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