Bass' Post Megaman Series Legacy

Bass the villain turned anti-hero and well complex counter-Megaman robot before Zero was created, had apparently left a legacy after the Megaman series ended.  Known to be introduced as a badass villain in Megaman 7 (Dr. Wily's first self-made counter-Megaman) and an anti-hero for Megaman Power Battle, a self-aligned nuisance in Megaman 8 (since he rebelled against Dr. Wily his creator), he apparently left a legecy behind for the Megaman X series aside from Bass.EXE in Megaman Battle Network:

The first one would be Zero who is also Dr. Wily's robot, hence his "younger brother".  Zero like Bass is powered up by Bassnium while being the orignator of the Maverick Virus.  Another is that when Megaman X4 was released, like Bass, Zero became a playable character.  Like Megaman and Bass, Megaman X4 allowed the player to choose whose story to play as- either X or Zero.  Using either one will force the player to play as the other until the game is finished.  Dr. Wily created both Bass and Zero to destroy Megaman.  Like Bass, Zero can double jump.

Dynamo in Megaman X5 appears as a troll character, who appears in between the Enigma Mission and the Shuttle Mission.  Like Bass, he is extremely arrogant and annoying.  He didn't play any more important parts after Megaman X5 aside from being a mercenary hired by Sigma.  In X6, he was just a bonus boss character to increase Hunter Ranks.  What became of him is unknown.

In Megaman X7, yet another character who resembles Bass arrived and it's on the seventh game.  Like Bass, Axl is a master actor, trigger happy, cocky, arrogant, master spy and infiltrator.  Sigma wanted to use Axl to steal the DNA of both Megaman and Zero for his own master plan.  Also like Bass, Axl is introduced to be a Maverick but strangely playable at the beginning.  He also had Bass' multi-directional rapid shot but can't run property but can't double jump, but he can air dash and hover.  Like Bass, Axl is also best at deceiving his opponents.  Bass deceived Megaman in 7, Axl fooled a lot of Mavericks in X7 even Sigma.


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