Remembering Kimberly Hart of MMPR

As a kid, I was watching Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers for silly reasons aside form just the "kiddie value" or that I'd watch almost anything.  So I did watch some badly dubbed Sentai (which I don't want to see again), MMPR was another one in the list.  Though I didn't like MMPR all that much, you already know Kimberly Hart was my guilty pleasure in the s =how.  And moving on my thoughts aside from the bizarre coincidence that Hikaru Katsuragi was dubbed as Kimberly in Bioman.

First episode had me blinded by her beauty which for me, she was the hottest Toku heroine back then.  So I did think she was still a teenager but the actress Amy Jo Johnson was 23 years old by the time she landed the role.  While her acting skills were average at first, she got better.  For the character, while she is initially introduced as a ditz, she isn't actually stupid. She might not be smart as Billy but she can come up with her own covert way of fighting.

Although she was portrayed as a ditzy and initially overly girly character, she does get some balance as she fights.  Plus she does have a heightened awareness for her friends or people, like she does have a big heart in spite of her ditzy tendencies like advising Billy about his earlier mistakes or helping out a deaf girl. She did have a relationship with Tommy which sadly got cut out by bad writing..  For me her relationship with the team was basically the "team heart" type.  However she was later reduced to mere eye candy, a reason why Amy Jo Johnson may have left the set.

I found it sad for her to leave.  I simply didn't click with Kat for a reason though relax, no bashing here!  So the Dear John letter happened as a bad plot which basically derailed her character and she returned in Turbo as failed fanservice.  I simply thought she could have been better for Zeo but her actress left due to the show's bad direction.  But I thought she did leave some impact on Tokusatsu a bit.


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