Some Stuff You Can't Have in Power Rangers

So some argue why Super Sentai won't air in America?  Although Power Rangers tried more of Sentai's formulas like the new cast per season, tried to introduce better villains and so on, but there are stuff that  can't be Power Rangers:

I was thinking of stuff you can't have in Power Rangers but you can have them in Super Sentai:

Guns and other related lethal weapons outside civilian form.  You can see that in the earlier Super Sentai, you can see it later.  Well Power Rangers just can't have that.

Suggestive humor.  Of course, TV-Y7-FV won't allow that.  I mean you don't see any Power Rangers bathing do you?  I mean, Mei had a bath scene in MMPR but not Kimberly.  I would admit I had perverted fantasies over the fictional character herself.  Skull had a crush on her but he didn't do any sexual harassment to her, but Skull is kind of a pervert.

Permanent deaths of heroes.  In Lost Galaxy, Kendrix did die but was resurrected for the finale like it was with Hayate's fiance in Gingaman.  However none of the heroes in Power Rangers were ever allowed to die even if their counterparts in Sentai died.  One might consider the fact Tommy didn't die like Burai or another, Eric Myers in Time Force may have been scheduled to die but the script was changed due to executive meddling.

Best villains to go beyond their cruelty to the level of 80s villains.  Trakeena can be a threat to the Gingamen but she is still under limitations.  That means don't expect her to reach the level of cruelty of Queen Pandora of Spielban or Ahames of Changeman.

Overly sexy female characters.  Divatox and Trakeena were U.S. exclusive designs.  I mean, you can't have Shelinda as Trakeena in Lost Galaxy can you?

Well don't expect Andrew Gray to have a rear nude shower scene like Justin Tomimori did in Kamen Rider Fourze.

Or the occasional Sentai crucifixion...

Just my two cents!


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