That Crazy Guy Spike...

Spike's actually nothing more than a useless guy for Power Rangers Samurai just serving an utter stupid purpose... fan service! He doesn't do anything plus the actor Felix Ryan is wasted. He could have been a better Antonio but sigh.

Spike's maternity is left unclear. Some speculate his mother is Kimberly (UGH) but the series never made it clear, even the whole idea Skull married Kimberly is disgusting. Looking at the fact Bulk calls Spike his "favorite nephew" suggests that Bulk's sister is Spike's mother. For Spike to be 14 as of 2011, he could be born around in Power Rangers Turbo. Knowing Bulk and Skull could have been held back several times, it's possible Skull got married behind the scenes and sired Spike. Spike could be an illegitimate child. But it seems that Skull may have married Bulk's sister which Bulk didn't object. So maybe Bulk's sister got preggers first then Skull married her when Spike was over a year old.

Another lame fanservice he is, is his crush on the Pink Samurai Ranger even if he's just seeing her in suit. I already find girls falling for costume superheroes without seeing their faces silly, the opposite is just as silly. I mean if you fall for a person, accepting everything inside out is important. I mean, you might change your mind once you see the person behind the mask isn't as dreamy as you imagined... unlike being in love with somebody ugly and being aware of it. This also became the inspiration of my Spike/Rin Takanashi jokes which I need to stop because it's getting too old.

I'm just glad he's not in PR Megaforce. I mean if he got enrolled into the same school as these guys, he'll just cause more trouble. But seeing he's probably only 15 after that, he's not yet a high schooler. I can't imagine him chasing after Gia and Emma, UGH!


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