The Bonnes in the Megaman Legends Series

While playing Megaman Legends, the recurring antagonists called the Bonnes are back to the lighter and softer in the alternate Megaman Universe called the Legends continuity.  So they are apparently a family of cyborgs or "carbons".  If they were in the regular Megaman continuity, they would be the lamest groups of Mavericks considering they were only making half-brained schemes plus Sigma won't like them a bit.  They usually made goofy looking robots that end up in the scrap heat.

The Servbots are the Bonnes' family robots.  They have their cute appearance to avoid suspicion that they are Mavericks.  They are pretty useful like piloting mechs, throwing bombs and the like.  I personally thought in Megaman Legends 2 that their use was even utilized.

For their plots, the Bonnes unlike most Megaman antagonists regardless of continuity, were pirates.  They were more after money and had some sense of honor.  In Megaman Legends, one can see they weren't totally heartless and same with Megaman Legends 2.  I do consider them a fun villain group.  What makes them pretty amazing is that despite several life threatening attacks, these guys just keep surviving and never get any smarter than they started!

And also, the whole Bonne/Glyde alliance is something I thought was interesting considering that in Misadventures of Tron Bonne, the DID break off that alliance.  However in Megaman Legends 2, they are forced to join forces again.  Which  thought Glyde was also pretty stupid himself.


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