The Megaman Legends Series' Reference to the Original Megaman Timeline

Megaman Legends had references to the original Megaman timeline, even if it wasn't part of it.  What are these?  One might consider these... aside from the obvious Roll Caskett who is NOT his sister here but his potential love interest.

Megaman Legends:

In the first game items you can get are the following.  The Z-Saber can be won from the TV Station games and the X-Buster (NOT a buster part) can be used to create the Shining Laser, the BEST weapon in the game!

Megaman Volnutt is referred as the "Blue Boy".

In the later part of the game, one character is named Wily but is NOT Dr. Wily!

For the game's main antagonist, Megaman Juno has a reference to Sigma.  Both he and Sigma seek to destroy the humans.

Megaman Legends 2:

Megaman Legends 2 had more of them.  In the earlier part of the game, reading the diary of Professor Barrel will reveal more about Megaman.  Megaman Trigger was found as a baby and was named as Megaman, after Roll's favorite video game character.  The Megaman cartoon is shown at the bar of Yosyonke Island.  A Zero poster can be found in Calinca Island's toy store.

Megaman Trigger's mission is to remove aberrant units.  In the X series, they would be called as Mavericks.

The bad guys.  I just thought about this one.  Bola is obviously a tribute to Cutman.  Klaymoor is a tribute to Knightman.

Bonne mecha bosses.  Some of the Bonne mecha were tribute to some stuff in the original Megaman series.  The crab robot was a tribute to the mechanical crab in Megaman 7.  The Blietzkrieg was a tribute to the snakey in Megaman 3.  The Feldynaught was a reference to the octopus robot in Megaman 5.

Reaverbot bosses.  The Frog Reaverbot was easily taken down by the Drill Arm, a reference to Toadman.  The slime boss in the Calinca Ruins is weak to the Crusher, a reference to the Bio Devil's weakness to electricity.


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