Changeman Elements in Power Rangers in Space

Power Rangers in Space deviated from Megaranger's computer theme.  So what's going on?  Here's some of the Changeman elements taken into the series:

Dark Specter would be similar to Bazoo in Changeman although the former is NOT a living planet plus I hate how Darkonda easily spelled Dark Specter's end (Judd Lynn has a problem with finale arcs).  Like Bazoo, Dark Specter had an alliance of evil from different areas of the Universe except his formed a much larger (but also more incompetent scale) of villains.  Ahames could totally kick the asses of the United Alliance of Evil!

If Trakeena would be my pick for who would have been the Ahames of Power Rangers, another character from Super Sentai who was inspired was... well Astronema.  So who's similar to Astronema?  It goes back to the Hirohisa Soda era of Changeman, the villain Shiima.  So what do these girls have in common?  Shiima was taken away from her home planet as a baby and brainwashed by some huge big bad.  The same went for Astronema.  Shiima was brainwashed by Bazoo, Astronema was brainwashed by Dark Specter.  Both of them were also redeemed at the end of their series, while portraying cruelty before redemption.


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