Is Power Rangers Really Beyond Dead for Me?

I was thinking of why my fandom with Power Rangers is shaking (but not that I hate it but my love goes to like and the lowest is probably dislike) and I feel like I'm no longer a fan, either I've grown up or because the quality has just gone bad:

Disney era entered.  So it wasn't really bad with Ninja Storm (except Mara and Kapri) but Dino Thunder imo was showing signs of decline aside from Tommy getting overly used or two, CASSIDY AND DEVIN! Bruce Kalish wrote Power Rangers SPD which was good for some (and it was dubbed in Japan by the Dekaranger cast) while most of the mistakes were executive meddling.  However Bruce Kalish was basically the Shoji Yonemura of Power Rangers.  Operation Overdrive had potential with the Corona Aurora but bad writing killed it.  Power Rangers got cut too short during the Kalish era.

Power Rangers RPM was a decent Disney season which probably inspired Gobusters.  During this time, it had a two half and half thing for 32 episodes.  Episode 20 was when Judd Lynn took over Eddie Guzelian as head writer.  So yeah Judd Lynn brought conflict, personality and all like Toshiki Inoue did with Hibiki but also brought a rather hanging, disappointing ending at the same time.

The Neo-Saban era is just what you'd call extremely cheap.  So much for Saban's achievements with PR in the past being able to film his own footage together with the footage Toei allows him to use.  But one problem is also the delays of these shows.  WHY DIVIDE ONE SEASON INTO TWO SEASONS?  IT'S CAUSING ALL UNNECESSARY DELAYS! Was it Nickelodeon's suggestion?  What it Saban?  For one, Toei should really intervene before their cash cow, Power Rangers is destroyed.  Really Toei should intervene before the cash cow is destroyed!


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