Axl in Megaman X: Attempting To Recreate Bass?

Anybody who has played Megaman and Bass for the Super Famicom or in the Game Boy Advance may actually figure out that Bass' controls of being able to fire in multiple directions, no charging but a series of rapid fire bullets.  The same was added into Axl who was introduced into the seventh game as a prototype towards a new generation, yet hinted to have been existing from the previous century.  Axl is introduced as a vigilante and member of Red Alert.  Like Bass, he appears in the seventh game of their respective series.  But unlike Bass, he is introduced as a playable character instead of a villain (which Bass dropped into the status of anti-hero after Megaman 7).

My thoughts were this... did Capcom try to recreate Bass with Axl?  Probably.  Whether or not Axl could be Bass is never official, just my speculation.  Like Bass, Axl is an arrogant jerk with a bad mouth, he can fire in several directions but can't run while doing it, he is a master infiltrator (remember Bass invaded Dr. Light's laboratory in Megaman 7) and well, a jerk.  Unlike Bass he can hover instead of double jump (which is an ability Zero has after defeating a certain boss in X4 and X5 but onwards, he has it by default.  Too bad Keiji Inafune was no longer involved in Axl's creation.


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