Kimberly's and Mako's Overly Blunt Moments: MMPR S1 Ep. 5 and Shinkenger Ep. 4

I just wonder whether this was a coincidence or not.  Again, provided Mako's first 12 on-screen appearances hardly give her any development, I just thought of summarizing these:

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Episode 5 Kimberly and Billy
Kimberly in "Different Drum" is portrayed to be overly blunt when she supposedly taunts Billy after she meets a mishap, rather than help him up.  So while Kimberly taunts Billy (sort of), she tries to help out a deaf-mute who made a mishap.  Kimberly was right to tell Billy that it wasn't the right way to meet girls BUT she was could have at least helped him up.

Mako in "Nightly Tears of Sympathy" shows her overly blunt attitude.  Like Billy, Ryunosuke becomes a subject of ridicule at least, for this episode.  Ryunosuke gets annoying to his fellow rangers in this episode.  Mako here was reading what could be a girls-only magazine and he bothers her.  So rather than just shove him off, she hits him with her reading material.  Ryunosuke takes the place of Melissa as the "broken character" and she tries to help him.  At the end, she ends up dropping Ryunosuke (who misunderstood her feelings) and refuses to help him up.  Billy drops at the beginning, Ryunosuke drops in the end.


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