Megaman, Megaman X and Weird Science

Megaman is a series known for its weird science aside from being a battle of science.  In Megaman, you have Dr. Light against Dr. Wily.  In Megaman X, you have Dr. Cain vs. Sigma's perverted science.  In Megaman Zero, you have Dr. Weil.  Well the Legends series is an exemption to that rule.  Now for some weird science that I have observed:


  • In Megaman 1, Megaman cannot jump higher in water.
  • In every Megaman game, even the slightest touch of spikes destroys him.

Boss weaknesses:
  • The relation of fire, ice, wind and electricity can be seen to interchange a lot:
    • In Megaman 1, Iceman is weak to Elec Beam and Fireman is weak to Fire Storm.  
    • In Megaman 6, Flameman is weak to Wind Storm and Blizzardman is weak to Flame Blast.
    • In Megaman X, Chill Penguin is weak to Fire Wave,  Electric Sparkmandrill is weak to Shotgun Ice, Flame Mammoth is weak to Tornado Storm.
    • In Megaman X4, Frost Walrus to weak to fire attacks and Magma Dragoon is weak to wind attacks (in Zero's case, his Raijingeki works).
    • In Megaman X5, Squid Adler is weak to ice attacks and Mattrex is weak to wind attacks.
    • Megaman X6 has Blizzard Wolfgang weak to fire attacks.
    • Megaman X8 has Burn Rooster weak to ice attacks and Avalanche Yeti weak to electric attacks.
  • Other absurd boss weaknesses:
    • In Megaman 3 at the fortress, the bosses' own weapons can be used against them.  Not to mention I find it funny how Geminiman is weak to Snake Search and Shadowman to Top Spin.
    • Megaman 4 has Diveman weak to Skull Barrier, Pharaohman weak to Flash Stopper, Toadman weak to Drill Missile, Dustman weak to Ring Boomerang.
    • Megaman 6 has Tomahawkman weak to Plant Barrier and Knightman weak to Yamato Spear.
    • Megaman 7 had some weird science.  Burstman can be hurt by the Scorch Wheel in spite of the fact its underwater, Slashman is weak to Freeze Cracker, Shademan is weak to Wild Coil and Freezeman's weakness is Junk Barrier.
    • Megaman X has Launch Octopus weak to Rolling Shield.
    • Megaman X6 has Ground Scaravitch weak to Yammarck Option, 


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