Tekken 3: An Important Transitional Game!

Tekken 1 and 2 were basically trying to get Tekken to its image, Tekken 3 itself as an important transitional game that broke the mold for the better. How is that? Tekken 2 supposedly killed Kazuya (who was revived back in Tekken 4) and Tekken 3 happens some time after Tekken 2 when the new menace known as Ogre attacks the world. The new protagonist is Kazuya's illegitimate son, Jin Kazama who bears a striking resemblance to his father. So let's get it down shall we?

Tekken 3's introduction here outdid Tekken 2's introduction. Tekken 2 was more or less a conservative upgrade of Tekken 1. But here, you can see that the CGI graphics of the FMV videos even in the endings, have already been upgraded.

Tekken 3 also introduced the characters with their own fighting stances compared to Tekken 1 and 2. It also added more to the moves list to challenge the player even more. Mokujin was a character who imitated everyone except Ogre and True Ogre.

Tekken 3 was a very high budget game for a system that was about to get obsolete. Tekken 3 featured a better introduction scene, better graphics and smoother gameplay. It also introduced the concept of side-stepping though it was at its crude stage at best. But one can't deny that Tekken 3 was really advanced compared to most 3D fighting games of the PS1 that time, even those from its mother company Namco.

Tekken 3's boss Ogre/True Ogre for me would be an important transition to making bosses more of a challenge. Tekken 2's Devil is the first supernatural boss in Tekken, Ogre would try to introduce harder to defeat bosses with unfair advantage. I felt like using True Ogre gave you an unfair advantage in Tekken 3. Tekken 5 returned that concept in the form of the unplayable Jinpachi who was later powered down for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

As said, while I would usually pick up the latest Tekken games to play but I cannot deny, Tekken 3 is one important transitional game for the game series!


  1. I think the only hope you'd have in defeating True Ogre was Gon. I remember I'd always spam True Ogre's flying flame attack that my cousin would always use Gon, who is not affected by that attack in any way, against me. :P

    1. I was able to defeat True Ogre with everybody under easy setting and later under medium setting. Hehehehehe!


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