What Went Wrong with "Friend in Need" Arc in MMPR?

Saban was going to promote his would-be failure Mashed Rider.  In this one, Saban needed to promote the show and what better way than to actually cross over Power Rangers with his series.  Later, this would be repeated in Kamen Rider Decade and a ToQGer/Gaim crossover was made.  This one though as messy as it is, still has a plot over the monstrosity that is Super Hero Taisen!  So what was terribly wrong with it?

Some of my complaints are this... there's hardly any interaction between both sides of the crossover.  The Power Rangers are sent to Edenoi (except Kimberly who is sick) and then Lord Zedd takes advantage of the situation.  Lord Zedd and Rita send their monster to go against Kimberly, but the monster also gets infected.  I know Lord Zedd and Rita as a team were harder to defeat but the bad writing also derailed MMPR.  And I would probably also say that the crossover was nothing more than a series of spliced footage.  Come on, if Lord Zedd and Dregon were rivals, please let some interaction happen between them.

I was just thinking it may have been better IF Lord Zedd and Rita decided to go to Edenoi, Kimberly wasn't sick and it was just limited to two episodes.  That is, Lord Zedd can't swallow his pride and he decides to go and attack.  Maybe,, let the monster also face Saban's Mashed Rider and you know... well at least Kamen Rider Decade/Shinkenger crossover managed to do things better.


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