Why Rockman Was Renamed as Megaman for America?

During the time Capcom was still a cool company before it became CRAPcom... there were the issues of name changing.  For example in Street Fighter, the names were changed like Mike Bison became Balrog, Balrog became Vega and Vega became Bison for the American audience.  They were afraid of lawsuits from Mike TYSON became of the Mike BISON name.  So why was Rockman renamed into Megaman?

Now during the stages when Rockman was created, the names Rock and Roll were created in reference to the music.  The name Rockman may have sounded absurd because it felt like he had something to do with actual rocks.  The name Megaman may have sounded better for the American audience hence, the name Megaman was created as Rockman's American name.  The name Megaman sounds more unique and cooler than Megaman for the American audience, while the Japanese would know him more as Rockman.

Interesting note:

Also what can be noticed is how some names in Rockman are based on musical terms, genres and sounds.  Like for example:
  • Megaman's original name was Rock and Roll is his sister hence you get "Rock and Roll".
  • Protoman's Japanese name was Blues, after the music genre.
  • Bass' Japanese name was Forte.  Bass refers to sound, Forte is a direction in music.  Treble is sound based... weird enough his original name was Gospel... all part of Dr. Wily's plan.  Bass was weak to Sound Wave in Megaman 7... and he pretended to be injured in Shademan's stage.
  • The names of most of Megaman's allies were Rush, Beat, Eddie was called Flip-Top in Japan (which aside from his appearance, refers to a type of music) are all music based.  Auto is also a musical term (his Japanese name was Rightot).  
  • In Megaman 5, the names of the Mavericks were named after Guns and Roses type, in contrast to the Japanese version's names.  
  • Megaman X7 featured the character named Axl.  Like Bass, his name is sound based. Axl may have been named after Axl Rose, clearly a Bass tribute.


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