What if Amy Jo Johnson Never Left Power Rangers Until Turbo?

Here's my hypothesis... what if Amy Jo Johnson didn't decide to leave and I would think what if she simply didn't leave... and Kat never existed.  So I was thinking of three particular seasons she would have stayed were namely MMPR Season 3 (really bad season), Zeo (got worse) and Turbo (UGH never speak of it, Carranger is SO MUCH BETTER)... now let's think about this guilty pleasure.

MMPR Season Three:

So let's think what if Kimberly survived that ordeal after Lord Zedd and Rita nearly killed her?  I would admit that the plan was really effective... her life was really at the risk.  And well the possibilities are Catherine Sutherland would never enter or would have been a guest.  By then, it would be like this... Kimberly would refuse the opportunity for gymnastics because she is a Power Ranger.  That means Zordon would soon assign her a slot near the White Shogunzord... and well you might as well get it for better or for worse... either she continues to be Tommy's damsel in distress or... writers will improve her.

During Master Vile's plan to repeat Lord Zedd's Earth deceleration plan, I would say she would say, "Not again!  We're turned back into children!"  It might be where Kimberly actually would wish that the battle would end soon to break the fourth wall.  It would probably be where Kimberly would use her gymnastics against Discordia and maybe, even use her singing voice against the monster.

Power Rangers Zeo:

Now I have nothing against Kat in Zeo.  What I was angry at was the Dear John letter was indeed a very bad move.  Now what if Kimberly was in Zeo?  I just thought that with most of the Ohranger footage being used, you can't have her anymore as a damsel in distress for Tommy.  Instead, she might even have developed beyond that!  Again, Zeo had so much bad writing it might make her a walking contradiction too.  But I guess I would have watched it for her...hehehehehe. XD

Now another interesting plot in Zeo (or not) was Jason's return.  So I was even thinking that if the Dear John letter was absent, what if a love triangle between Jason/Tommy/Kimberly had happened?  It could be interesting if Kimberly soon got caught in between Tommy and Jason which results to some character conflict.  In the end, I'd have her choose Tommy but bad writing may put her with Jason out of random.

Power Rangers Turbo:

It would be hard to predict much because they will leave halfway.  Hehehehehe!


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