Amy Jo Johnson Leaving MMPR: Why it was Good For Her Career

Yes it was sad for me that Amy Jo Johnson left season three of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers but I thought it also helped her at the same time.  You may consider the many wrong directions MMPR was already taking back then and Kimberly wasn't exempted from the bad writing.

I guess Amy Jo Johnson was already sick and tired of every character decay that happened to her character.  For example, Kimberly is more of your "damsel in distress" for Tommy later on which can get annoying for the actress.  I could also consider that the character was demoted to being merely eye candy than given her own development.  Worse, MMPR's storyline wasn't getting any better either.  MMPR Season Three was a mess, the show should have ended when it should have ended.  You may consider it a very good reason to leave if your career is dwindling down.  The show wasn't helping her anyway and she wanted better career opportunities.

The aftermath was this... after leaving MMPR for good, she was able to get some better roles.  The "Dear Tommy" arc of Zeo just proved how much of a sore loser Mr. Krabs really was.  She had multiple projects.  I might even assume she became very bankable as an actress.  She had one project after the other like several guest roles and at least one film per year.  It helped to move away from MMPR. While it had a bittersweet to me as a child but hey, it did help the actress.  For one, none of her MMPR co-stars got that far compared to her!


  1. Very good points indeed. It was the right move for Amy to move on from MMPR even if it would mean missing one of the best female rangers of all time. MMPR was holding her back if she stayed beyond that she wouldn't have had the chances she has today.

    I fully support her and wish her the very best. Mr Krabs maybe mad but hey at least Amy is happy and thats what it truly matters.


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