Dr. Wily's Incompetence in the Megaman Series

Considering Classic Megaman was a lighter series than its darker and edgier successor Megaman X, Dr. Wily is purposely incompetent since it was a child's game.  One can see how he is usually referred to as "half-brained" plans by his own creation Bass.  Which I thought Dr. Wily always has his incompetent side as a scientist, at the same time he is also a scheming character.  You cannot deny he started resorting to more serious schemes such as kidnapping (Megaman 4) and framing (Megaman 5 and 9) or in Megaman 7, he had a back-up plan.  But there's always the incompetent nature that makes him a funny villain.

So it's a good idea to create a counter-Megaman, your very own Megaman but Bass is insolent and rebellious because maybe, Wily failed to see the possible hazard that his new robot may bring.  In short, you can credit Dr. Wily for actually creating a robot that has better free will than Megaman.  Creating Bass only gave him more headaches considering this problem.  Bass frequently rebels against him and has become a morally ambiguous character.  Bass is a villain in Megaman 7 but exists mostly as an anti-hero for the rest of Megaman.

Another side of Dr. Wily's incompetence is this.  Why didn't he create a self-destruct mechanism in Bass just in case?  For example, how does he expect a more advanced robot to help him?  In Megaman & Bass he did create a robot named King, set up a decent trap to kill both Megaman and Bass but the end, well he's a coward.  Plus, I am getting tired of seeing him beg for mercy every time he is defeated only for him to repeat the same mistakes in every game.

I would consider his creation of Zero to be a failure on his part. In the Megaman Zero series, it's revealed that Dr. Wily could not even control his prime creation.  He even planned to use Zero to destroy both Megaman and Bass.  Whether or not that happened is unknown but he was forced to seal Zero in a capsule.  Zero was also supposed to succeed him in the future but that plan never came to fruition.  Instead, Zero sided with Dr. Light's prime robot Megaman X.


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