Is Metalder's Main Antagonist A Tribute to the Historical Nero?!

Metalder's main villain, no not the stupid Grimlord of VR Troopers, but he was called God Neros. He was a cybernetic old man who disguises himself as a philanthropist. He was a war criminal who amassed massive wealth by taking over various gangs then later created his secret operations. I even think he is named after Nero. So what makes me think God Neros is based on the historical Nero?

As Gozo Kirihara through some really super amazing surgery, makes himself appear youthful even if he was really an aged man living on cybernetic supports. He looks like a philanthropist but in reality, he is Emperor Neros. So I was wondering why was he called God Neros? Did he idolize the actual and historical Nero? It wasn't explained but I thought producers had their reasons why the villain was named as God Neros. I even think they purposely named him Nero and he was truly deserving the name Nero.

Nero was an evil man who appeared charismatic. Historically speaking, Nero was a man who was unattractive, malodorous, body covered with spots with a prominent belly which were some features in God Neros' true form. History records Nero was one of the most wicked monsters to ever rule in real life. Nero started to gather power by deception by banishing every rival, framing them all. In the case of Metalder's God Neros, before the transformation he also joined gangs and eliminated every known rival he had. Nero amassed wealth from rivals and so did God Neros. Emperor Nero tried to gather power by absorbing power from the hierarchy. Both were power hungry individuals who knew how to manipulate people to their selfish ends.

One may also consider how God Neros is as a villain. His open identity as Gozo Kirihara also shows Nero's love for publicity. Both tried to appear as philanthropists while grabbing whatever power they can. If Nero tried to appear as the "people's man" towards the lower class, God Neros' alter ego was a philanthropist. Both also had extravagant lifestyles and high image. Such cases also made him deserving of the name God Neros. They also had the charisma to drive worshipers such as God Neros had his robotic minions to worship him.

Overall, the similarities are there. You can't deny that God Neros indeed is an ego-driven villain.


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