Amy Jo Johnson Was Destined to Play Kimberly Hart!

Here's my opinion of one of the most popular characters of all time. So maybe me and Mr. Smith had some friendly disagreement of who's hotter than every Sentai/PR girl. Earlier on, I chose Kimberly and he chose Jasmine. I would like to talk about the actress and character relation between Kimberly Hart and her actress, Amy Jo Johnson. I guess it's no secret I like her over Mei but I like Zyuranger over Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Just a few details about the actress herself. Amy Jo Johnson was 23 that time but looking like your hot teenager. Before Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, she attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and the American Musical and Acting Academy. So I always thought she was 18 or so in the show but she was freaking 23. That would be more or less the same age of Aiko Ito playing the role of Ranru in Abaranger.

Moving on, she was a REAL sharp blade for Power Rangers itself. She was pretty, sexy, nice skin, really a headturner which is just the surface. The experience in theater gave her that advantage to play the character of Kimberly. It was really, really that experience that made her bankable as a character, hence the popular legend of Kimberly Hart was born. She easily blended in, looking like a teenager when he was an adult. It was probably due to her being only 5'2 and her youthful looks back then. Right now, as a 44 year old, she looks more or less like she's in her late 30s than early 40s.

The actress and the character were meant to be knit together. I always thought that no other actress could pull the role of Kimberly but Amy Jo Johnson. It was like it was written by fate. I would say that there was more than just her good looks that gave her the advantage. She can act. I would like to say that I prefer her acting over Reiko Chiba's (who was well, 17 that time). I always thought of her as coming out natural as she would be. Although she wasn't the best actress around, she was still nonetheless able to carry out her part. The part was really meant for her which contributed to the character's popularity. Overall, it was the part meant for her but was later screwed up big time by snobs who wrote that infamous "Dear John Letter" because she left the set.


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