Opinions I Have On Kimberly Hart That Will Piss off Power Rangers Haters!

Well my blatant favoritism and focus on Kimberly is obvious.  I'll just write this article to continue pissing off both Power Rangers haters and Super Sentai haters.  Moving on... here's my opinions that will really, REALLY piss them Power Rangers haters.

First I could share some opinions I had on Kimberly/Mei.  No doubt Mei is the more interesting character (writing-wise) but I'll give Kimberly where credit is due to her.  And I could really piss them off because while I like Zyuranger better, I still have that soft spot for Kimberly. Now for Super Sentai, most of its acting is better than Power Rangers.  But I would do some opinions.  In my opinion, I prefer Amy Jo Johnson's acting as Kimberly over Reiko Chiba's acting as Mei.  Okay Reiko Chiba can act but I prefer Amy Jo Johnson's acting so deal with it, Power Rangers haters!  Also I still think Kimberly is way hotter than Mei and most PR/Sentai girls during her time.

The Dear John letter was very out-of-character for Kimberly, it was more of bad writing than her.  Some may use the Dear John letter as an excuse to bash her but remember, it was more of bad writing that was in action.

Kimberly once wore the crown "Hotter Than Any Super Sentai and Power Rangers girl."  Well the crown was passed to Mako anyway but for me, she once wore it.  She deserves the time she shared wearing that crown.

Having a crush on Kimberly Hart is a huge denial among those who became Super Sentai purists.  Like it or not, a lot of Super Sentai purists or Power Rangers haters used to watch Power Rangers as children.  So really, why bash Kimberly because they saw Zyuranger?!  Somehow I made that meme to make fun of them!


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