How Cable Could Have Later Been Dealt With

I always thought it was crazy that Cable would later appear as a man, now twice older than his parents.  He's now old enough to be his father's father... he's like his own grandpa.  I think Cable would be around 50 years old if his adoptive son (and "nephew") was an adult.  If the Askani Timeline got removed thanks to his actions, I was thinking some things could have been prevented as well.  So how would I write it?

Now I thought the Askani Timeline was erased.  Actually, the rules of time travel writing may vary and the conflict between the year 3,999 (Cable's native timeline after he was time displaced) and the 21st Century had happened a lot.  So what if with Apocalypse destroyed, countless "anomalies" would no longer exist.  In short, any events done by Stryfe or any villain would be undone in the process.  I would even remove the Legacy Virus from existence as a "reset button" since if the Askani never existed, Stryfe the clone would never exist.  Then maybe, I could do the absurd but it's for the best of the Summers' clan.  I really hate the direction X-Men took after supposedly defeating Apocalypse.

My next move would be to de-age Cable.  That is, if he was time-displaced in the year 1990 and he returned twice older than Cyclops in 1997 or so, I'd have Cable de-aged to his proper age.  I would have Cyclops and Jean Grey raise him all over again, except he still has his memories and character development.  But he must face the facts he's now an adult in a child's body.  This way, he can start a more or less normal life.  Unfortunately Marvel's writers have just gone to a bad direction. =P


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