Even Power Rangers Villains Have Standards!

Well Power Rangers villains do have standards too.  Like it or not, even if early on that they were just evil for evil's sake... but later Power Rangers seasons started writing villains who were more 3D than the usual American TV show villain.  So let's get started shall we?

Even evil has loved ones

Well in MMPR, later on, Lord Zedd's character decay made him more 3D like when he discovered he truly loved Rita deep within.  I know MMPR Season 2-3 had a lot of decay but one can think that Lord Zedd himself cared about his wife Rita, Rita cared about her idiotic brother Rito and so on.  In Power Rangers Zeo, Queen Masheena cared about her two sons (in Ohranger, both Gaskett and Sprocket were just one person, Buldont) and husband.  Although Trakeena was a complete monster, she still cared about her father Scorpius.  In Power Rangers Time Force, Ransik cares about his daughter Nadira.

Honorable villains

Power Rangers in Space was the end of the Zordon Era.  One villain there stood out having honor namely Ecliptor.  Like Adjutant Bubba in Changeman, he truly cared about the princess they were protecting (Bubba to Shiima, Ecliptor to Astronema) and had a rivalry with the red ranger.  In Lost Galaxy, we have the more honorable Villamax (based on Gingaman villain Sanbash).  He was Trakeena's lover and bodyguard.  However, Trakeena's inhuman actions and massive cruelty pissed him off.  In the end, Trakeena destroyed him.  In Lightspeed Rescue, Diabolico who couldn't stand his own mother's cruelty, decided to assist the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers instead in the finale.

Villains with noble goals

Ransik was a result of a freak experiment, he was an outcast of society (almost sounds like Jiban's main villain Professor Giba) though he gathered everyone like him.  He grew up hating humans because he was mistreated as a laboratory experiment gone wrong.  His aim was to protect mutantkind but... he was doing it all wrong with his senseless destruction against humans in the mutant/human war (shades of X-Men).


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