Hurricanger and Ninja Storm: Where Cuties and Hotties Are Misplaced?!

While watching through some episodes of Hurricanger and having completed Ninja Storm, I had my thought on Nanami Nono and Tori Hanson.  Supposedly, Japanese prefer cuties and the Western audience prefer hotties.  So why the reverse?

Based on observation (I could be wrong), Japanese would prefer cuties over hotties.  For Nao Nagasawa, she is really, REALLY hot and she's a distraction.  Don't believe me?  You might as well watch Nao Nagasawa's two-parter guest role in Kamen Rider W (which happened AFTER Hurricanger, it came AFTER Decade) as Lily Shirogane.  She is really, really hot and very distracting one way or another.

I could raise Tori Hanson as well.  I do have a soft spot for blonde beauties and I tend to like them, but Tori's just cute, not really hot nor is she a real distraction.  Even the scene where Tori was at the beach in her surfer attire wasn't really distracting.  I just imagined Sally Martin if she wore Nao Nagasawa's costume in Kamen Rider W, it wouldn't be as distracting.

Quite funny to me!


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