Perhaps One Of My Harder to Shake Opinions: Kimberly's Hotter Than Any Sentai/PR Girl!

I would admit that I am a very stubborn guy... which is both good and bad depending on the situation.  So I'm more of a Super Sentai fan and I currently dislike Power Rangers, I mean Power Rangers is not exactly my cup of tea.  I mean, while I don't hate Power Rangers, I do dislike the current state it's in but I'm looking forward to a Lost Galaxy marathon after I'm done with Gingaman.  Now moving on, this is probably one of my most unshakable opinions or not really.  So I did become a Sentai purist, I got into stages of denial then... I just can't shake it off huh?

So I just was pretending over all the years to find Mei and Lin hotter than Kimberly.  Now some people do, that is THEIR OPINION and I respect that.  In my case, I was just riding on the opinions of Super Sentai purists because I joined their ranks for a short time.  While I would prefer to watch Zyuranger over MMPR Season 1 and Dairanger over MMPR Season Two, I cannot deny that I still found Kimberly prettier than they are.  So what?  It's my opinion!  Most of the time, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  For me, Kimberly is prettier than both girls, though Lin herself has a very short distance IMO.

Now here's another of my OPINIONS okay?  Now I do find most Super Sentai girls prettier than their Power Rangers counterparts which I find ironic as I do assume on this statement that Americans usually prefer hotties and Japanese usually prefer cuties yet most of Super Sentai has lots of hot girls vs. Power Rangers IMO has less.  If I'm to list some girls in Sentai which I find prettier than their American counterparts they are Momo, Chisato, Saya, Yuuri, Sae, Nanami, Ranru, Jasmine, Sakura and Mako.  On the other hand I find Ashley, Kendrix, Jen, Tori, Kira and Gia also pretty but not as pretty as most of their Japanese counterparts.  Most of this is my opinion and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Although my opinion got challenged by Mako's arrival since last 2009 and I was in denial of it.  Again, it's pretty unfair considering Kimberly was 90s, Mako was last decade which means that crown has to be passed someday right but again, let's think of the fictional characters.  Kimberly was probably 15 last MMPR (1993) so by 2009 she would be 31 years old and Mako would be 21 years old.  So still, not much may have changed with Kimberly's appearance.  Mako does shake my opinion in some way but not always. =P


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